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Have A Static Ip And Dont Like To Sign Up For Dns's? No Problem!


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ok so i just saw this weeks hak5 and i saw how darren went threw dyndns because he had a static ip and i HATE signing up for those then downloading the app to keep my ip in sync with the dns that i registered. So i was already experimenting what i could get dropbox to do from a previous hak5 episode about watching your computer using dropbox. so i created these two scripts so i always have my external ip wherever i go.

if you put this script in your dropbox folder and run it from there it will write your ip to ip.txt (it will rewrite it everytime and create it if not there)

import urllib
import time

#Coder: ghoulmaster

while 1:
   ip = urllib.urlopen("http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp").read()
   file = open('ip.txt', 'w')

now this one is much more useful if you dont have dropbox say on the machine your working on or your mobile phone. this script texts you your ip.

import urllib
import smtplib
import time

#Coder: ghoulmaster

#Note: DO NOT DELETE THE ' MARKS THE PROGRAM WILL NOT WORK!! Also i made this script modified for SPEED (to the best of my
#current abilites) so if you join another network then this script will fail or if you get kicked offline you will need to
#reconnect then re-run this script

ip = urllib.urlopen("http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp").read()

gmail_User = '<Gmail Username here (no @gmail)>'
gmail_Pass = '<Gmail Password here>'
gmail_User2 = gmail_User + '@gmail'
Phone_Number = '<Phone number here with @vtext.com or whatever your carrier is>'

Send = smtplib.SMTP("smtp.gmail.com:587")
Send.login(gmail_User, gmail_Pass)

while 1:
   ip = urllib.urlopen("http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp").read()
   msg = """\
From: %s
To: %s
Subject: External IP

""" % (gmail_User2, Phone_Number, ip)
   Send.sendmail(gmail_User2, Phone_Number, msg)

if anyone has any question just ask here

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Buy an ADSL modem that supports Dynamic DNS, that way you don't have to worry about install any DynDNs application on your computer.

It's all done at the modem level for you.

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Most routers do, If it doesn't honestly what is the big deal using their client to keep your stuff working? Stop Whining lol.

Well the more crap your install on the computer, the more it becomes vulnerable.

And more time you have to spend on patching up or updating software.

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