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What Is The Best Thing To Do With A 24 Port Hub?


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So connect switches to it? What if all the switches are sending data back wouldn't it interfere with other packets


It's also a switched network not a hub.

BUT, I have heard if you blast too many MAC Addresses at a high end switch, it will fall back into a hub mode and broadcast all packets to all ports. It's actually a "feature".

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If a switch does not know which port a MAC address is on, it will broadcast traffic, there is nothing else it can do. Switches can only remember a limited of computer to port mappings, though this is never limited to the number of ports a switch has. You can store allot of mac address to mapping in not much memory. mac address = 6 bytes, port numbering can vary in size depending on the switch, but lets just assume that a switch manufacturer used the same software on all switches to save on programming costs, and that for simplicity sake they used one byte to store this, I doubt there are many switches with more than 256 ports. So, every entry in the switches lookup table is 7 bytes in length. In 1K of memory you can store 146 entries. Switches not been able to store enough MAC addresses is rarely going to be a problem.

Expensive switches have 64MB of RAM or some thing in that range.

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Generally Hubs are not very efficient, they just cause too much network congestion.

Go for a x24 port switch, you will benefit more.

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