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Serial Cable No Connection

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Hi all,

So I order the cable as per Digininja's fon serial cable page and and hey presto redboot.

Interestingly Open TFTP Server on Windows 7 gave me no end of pain. The built in TFTP within backtrack worked first time.

Picture of my now working pl2303 custom made USB to Serial cable.

Lesson learned, there are different serial cables out there. Play it say and go with DigiNinja's example. Then again I am probably the only person on this board stupid enough to try out a different cable in the first place.


Thanks to everyone for their help, I am now up and running, and sharing my internet to all my new friends. :)


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I think it was a lot to do with Windows 7 as well.

I closed down my AV & Windows Firewall. Went through and stopped as many services as I could which I thought were relevant, but still the fon could not ping the tftp host.

So it was a great relief when back track just worked. I have a new found respect for linux today :)

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I just had to come back and post.

After leaving my Fon as not much more than a brick for a couple of weeks I can back to it and started the whole flash thing again.

This time I was able to ping and use open tftp from Windows 7, whetheras previously it was a no show. Very strange.

Anyway one thing is for sure. The serial port is pretty much essential for someone like me. :)

Flash fon, f*ck with all manner of settings, flash fon... etc etc.

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