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I Need A Job


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Ahh, the horrible North problem when it comes to IT jobs. I had that, spent 8 months looking for work back in 2007, then gave up and moved down to the South and got a job within a month of posting my CV online. For far more than I was interviewing for back in Derby (not technically the north I know). I would recommend looking at the South, around the M4/M3 area. Cheaper than central London (but still commutable) and where the bulk of the UK IT industry is located.

There is also Manchester, which seems to be kinda the same but far smaller.

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Lol, it's funny reading about the UK. Here in the states it's the total opposite. The south has almost zero for tech jobs (better here than elsewhere though) and the north is where they all are.

However just like the UK, central USA has NOTHING.

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You can always just:

1. Become the secretary at some decent sized place

2. Sabatoge one of the shitty IT workers

3. Sabatoge again (preferrably to make them late)

4. At the opportune moment, come out that your good in I.T. skills and take the bastards job! :D

5. SCORE! j/k..

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Hey, there are far worse places you could be than the London area. Plus if you're a young guy, wouldn't do you any harm breaking away somewhere fresh.


Well that's geographical, but it's the same that a lot of the work is centered around the capital. Which is close to the ports. I'm just saying. :P

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One problem that I now face is that I don't live in a particularly convenient place for getting a IT job, and I'm not sure what to do.

Do I move to a better location and hope to get a job or risk losing a job that I other wise would get because of not been able to find a place fast enough when I get the job?

You could move to Australia, as the IT in here is an area in great demand. Your chances of finding a job in here is quite good to be honest. Places like Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland are good places to look for jobs. They always have lots of job opportunities.

Check out this website for more info.


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What's the immigration process like from the UK?

Your best option will be with a sponsor, or a company that can sponsor you to stay permanently.

So the OP will need to find someone who could sponsor him for at least two years, that's the requirement for the visa, as well as the company has to ensure they can provide a stable salary for those two years.

For more information you could visit, http://www.immi.gov.au/

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Interesting. The UK is getting kinda dull, I think I'll look into that.

I've actually met quite few people who came to Australia from UK this year.

They pretty much are on a sponsored visa.

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