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Best Outbound Security For Laptop


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Hey guys, girls and sugary twirls,

I've recently moved to Finland with work, and have packed all my home stuff away in storage for a while, Im moving around alot, but want to keep my laptop and traffic as secure as possible whilst Im here.

I obviously can't really set up a VPN or anything like that, as I've only got the one laptop, and Im not realllllllllly inclined to start paying for it (also, I don't really like the idea of 'oh yeah, its deffinitely secure here where you can't see it!').

I also asked a few friends here what they did/if I could set up something on there PC's, which got the response 'So...are you doing something illegal then?!'

But yeah, any tips you can give me would be great, Im mainly doing websurfing so no problem if theres abit of a speed crush.

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If your friend really permits you to set up a VPN server on his computer, then you could download something like SSHCorp and install it on his computer. Very straight forward to set up and secure to use.

SSHCorp is for the server side and Putty for the client side.

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Personally I reckon you should fork out for a VPS... I bought mine for $30 USD for 6 months from Virpus Networks and they seem to be OK considering how cheap they are. You will have to manage the VPS yourself so make sure you know how to Linux before buying one as their is no control panel included in the cost.

If you really don't want to fork out there is always Tor or HotSpot Shield which are easy to setup however very, very slow.

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