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Aliens and a long vacation?


Would you go?  

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Out of interest:

If suddenly tommrow every TV & Radio in the world, and every computer played a simple message.

"Hello, were a race of aliens that found your planet and have been watching it for a bit, we have to leave now, but if you want you can come with us. As many as you want, we have space. Just stand out side stll with both arms stretched out to your sides at midday local time. Oh, and we won't be coming back, you'll have to sort that out yourselves. Here is our website for more info."

Who would go?

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why not? This place is going to hell in a hand basket, Just pack up and leave. (that is my personal opinion)

Plus, look at the bright side. Dont they have better technology than what is here on earth. (that is what is said in most alien movies...lol)

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Well, stingwray makes the very good point that you'd regret going more than not... if they decide to fatten you up and feast on you how the hell you gonna run?

Though on saying that, you would be wondering for the rest of your life what you might've seen and every bad moment that you encounter you'd regret not going...

As for the fact we're screwed anyways, well I think I'll stay here and be screwed rather than be sliced open by uber-high-powered lasers dissecting my insides... Well, we've no idea what a real foreign intelligent lifeform might look, act, sound like let alone what they might/might not do...

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I mean simple things like seeing in UV not human visable light. Or gamma waves? Or being desended from birds, not apes... that would mean massive brain differences in the way they saw the world.

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Ive seen the series 'V' (humans for meat) and I would be wary of the dreaded anal probe. So any alien I see is getting capped.... with a gun ive borrowed of the metatron :twisted:

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