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Microsoft-ds, Port 445


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I set up a virtual winxp, well, a few of them on a few computers, but microsoft-ds is only running on 1 of them. I'm out of ideas on how to get it started, there is no service, I'm connected to some network shares, I've searched google for anything that seemed that it could be helpful with no avail. I want to play with ms08_067_netapi exploit, but want to do it on a virtual machine on my main box, instead of needing to turn on and start another computer when I want to play with it. Microsoft-ds deals with SMB and from what I've read also does windows sharing, so I also shared files and got files from other computers thinking that would start it up.

Any ideas on this?


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Try using Nmap to scan the ports of your target machine, from your attacker machine.

Make sure the windows firewall is also turned off, during the nmap scanning.

Nmap should be able to display all the port opened.

By default, Microsoft-DS should be running.

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Follow the "Metasploit Unleashed" online documentation. They tell you how to make a vulnerable virtual system and how to use metasploit.

I glanced through that a few months ago, but i guess i don't remember that part.

And it was the firewall, which both makes sense and is odd at the same time. The one box I saw the port on was running xp sp1, which has no firewall, but when I ran nmap on my main network, it saw the port on my main win 7 machine, which is running windows firewall. Course the windows 7 part was useless since the exploit only works with xp/server 2003 and prior.

Thanks again.

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