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Pinapple Usb Cable?

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You just have to:

-Know the USB Pinout for power

-Cut the end off of a USB cable and use a multi meter to test conductivity to find out which wire is on which pin on the other end.

-Solder accordingly to Fonera/mini router or a DC power jack that fits the fonera. Don't forget your polarities.

Not sure how much amperage the fonera pulls, the power adapter says it gives 5 volts @ 2 amp.

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I just made this cable and have had no problems however it really depends on the laptop and the outpur amprage of the usb ports but most newer laptops have increased the amprage due to the extensive use of usb devices and most will run the jasager but I would keep the amount of devices connected via usb to the minimum number that you can to make sure you dont overload the usb port. Mine has been doing great with just the fon running via usb. It makes it much more portable and has many benifits and doesnt seem to drain my battery to much quicker I was going to do a full test as to how much faster it actually drains my battery however the results will vary depending on the laptop circuitry, the battery, and the age of the battery as well.

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I just got my pineapple today.

Problem was power.

No AA batteries and the adapter was American and well I am in aussieland.

I decided USB power.

Cracked open the case (remembering the 2 screws under the feet on the LED side)

Cut the end of a mini usb cable.

Cut open 2 of the air fins on the side so i could fit the cable though.

ran the cable though the hole and used some super glue to fix it tight.

soldered the power pins red and black in my case to the underside of the normal power connector.

the red pin was the centre pin in the cable for positive and the black went to the outside edge.

looking at it from underneath negative is closer to the edge of the PCB the positive is the one behind it.

I would have taken a photo but i kinda half glued the case closed.

But yes now i have USB power another advantage is i have a little power pack its 5000mAh with 2 USB ports. Runs off that battery fine. I just wonder for how long.

Hope this is useful.


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what is the plug is needed to plug in to the pineapple... and can it be picked up at like radio shack? i am really wanting to make one like this....

The size of the power plug has been discussed in this post


Furthermore yes the power adapter is available from RadioShack I dont have the part number but mine was from radio shack why dont you take it into radioshack with you and tell them to match it? that would be the easiest way if they have it onhand. goodluck with your project

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Yes the plug can be picked up at radioshack, as I work at one :P I picked one up, and took a old Usb cable, spliced it and did some quick soldering and now its working great,

Im also thinking about a case mod for my pineapple and my alfa in the same case, with the same Usb power source for both, (of course also with the same cable running the data to and from the alfa) need to find a slightly deeper plastic housing.

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