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Running Virtual Desktops From Usb


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Hi Everyone, this is a project i am working on that is basically an expanded version of the USB Multiboot. First off i am using the USB Multiboot .ISO method as in all of the software is packaged into an .ISO file and then run as a virtual CD within grub for DOS. I used the pre-compiled software from http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple...-multiboot-usb/ then i have added acronis true image, konboot, Knoppix STD, and Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. That takes care of the DOS side of booting into different O.S.

Next what i have done is download several programs from http://portableapps.com/ and used a program to add them to the U3 Menu. The Program i used can be found at http://usb.smithtech.us/projects/shortcut_creator.php

Now we have a drive that can boot in DOS and Windows, the next item that i am trying to figure out is how to boot a virtual machine of windows XP, Vista, or 7 from the device in windows, and boot a full copy of Windows XP from grub.

as far as booting in grub i took a look at this article, http://www.ngine.de/article/id/8. It looks promising but i was unable to get it to work. Next as far as being able to boot from within windows, the purpose of this is so that when at public terminals you can carry all of your software with you (i.e. Microsoft office, adobe photoshop, ect.) so that you never have to touch the public terminal. It would be ideal to leave nothing behind on the computer.

I have tried Mojopac http://www.mojopac.com/ which shows promise, but sadly is not quite there as it does not support x64 bit windows as well as vista or 7. Also i have tried MokaFive http://www.mokafive.com/, this seams to work on a number of different Virtual O.S. but i have found it to be to buggy when trying to get a virtual windows to run. If there is anyone here who has had any luck with any of these or knows a simple solution for this i would appreciate any help that could be given thank you.

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Well i guess this is kinda and update. i have downloaded VMware suite it has what they call ACE portable. basically it is a VMware player and it will let you take your VM's with you. i have created a Windows XP VM, the only problem that i currently have is that i can get it to boot but after it does i get one of 2 problems. 1) it cant find the VM and wont boot, or 2) i get it too boot and it gets to the windows XP loading screen and then it fails.

On another note, i have been looking at other solutions. I have found something similar. it is a partnership with the people of IronKey and Lockheed Martin. It is called the IronClad http://www.lockheedmartin.com/products/ironclad/index.html, it takes your entire OS installation and copies it to a USB Flash Drive. When booted from USB your computer will bypass your HDD. basically exactly what Multipass does except your not using live cd's. I may look at getting one of these to see how their implementation works.

As always any input or suggestions are appreciated.

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Yes that is part of the point, that and also the fact that this would allow you to work on machines that have been corrupted. as well as work on machines without a CD/ DVD drive. weather it be old computers, kiosks, netbooks, ect, as well as being a great debugging/security tool it would be a great tool for students as well.

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* windows XP use www.usboot.org ( you need a clean masine to build or us a VM etc .. )

* windows 7 http://www.rmccurdy.com/scripts/usboot%20windows%207.bat

you also want to include driverpacks.net ( they have beta drivers for win7 etc .. )

only annoyance I have found so far is (last time I checked) that win7 you have to click like 10 times to allow non signed devices on boot .. so you have to type this one liner to disable driver signing and i cane embeded it into http://www.vlite.net/ for win7 yet tongue.gif and its not an option in http://www.vlite.net/

I have a <4 gig XP partition I can push to a HDD and boot in under 4 minutes :) I use partimage to push the image to the HDD

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Looks interesting, i will defiantly give it a try once i get home. I assume this is to boot from USB as a full install, not a p.e. or VM correct?

I will give a review on this solution once i have downloaded this ad had a chance to take a look at it. Other than the clicking 10 times to allow non signed devices on boot. Have you experienced any other errors blue screens, errors to reading and writing to the drive, incompatible flash drives, ect?

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