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Rickrolling Pineapple

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In Episode 725 theres a segment about rickrolling with the Fon


I decided to dust off my old fon to check it out

originally I had a few Fons given to me and I decided to try to get open wrt and jasager on one

I succeeded in installing everything but never had the chance to actually test out anything

I followed the directions on the blog but for some reason my fon isnt allowing anyone to auto connect

and sometimes the router display the SSID of 'open-wrt' or a non ascii character like '[][][][][][][][][][][][[][][][]'

how do i get the fon to auto-accept anyone who has saved wifi ssids like netgear linksys etc?

I did autostart like the blogs direction so karma should be turning on automatically to accept new clients

to auto start karma edit '/etc/init.d/karma_ui'

wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode master &

ifconfig ath0 up &

iwpriv ath0 karma 1 &

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If you mean Jasager is showing the non-printable characters then that is windows going into parking mode. If it can't connect to an AP after a given amount of time trying then it starts probing for a string taken from a random chunk of memory and kind of goes to sleep.

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I just set mine up, and it works fine. I'll probably post a guide that fills in the blanks in the Bebo guide.

that would be awesome.

I don't think Bebo's guide had the html and cut song files too?

Psychosis would it be possible to switch back to the regular functionality? without to much trouble?

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