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Defcon - Ask The Feds? Seen On Tekzilla


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So Darren do we get to here about the ask the fed thing also any news from defcon?????

I think he missed the point in the UAV talk. The ideas they were putting out, were ideas and works in progress. What they currently use is a low cost UAV which you can build like a kit (ordering from a few places) with all the information on diydrones. What they did do was put Rendermans iPhone in the body of the UAV the night before with a war driving app running. Also the board they were looking to use was a beagleboard.

The after talk discussion was funny as some guy was playing with a quadcopter in a small room and put it into the ceiling tiles.

If you don't want to wait around for the DEFCON video you can watch the Shmoocon video, as the only real differences is he has strapped a model rocket under one of the wings (unguided) and you get a little video of that, you get to see a crash and they talk about future ideas which might happen.

The talk was fairly funny and worth a watch when it does come out.

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