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*gasp* gnome > KDE

I would expect nothing less from a MAC user.....the one on the bottom of your post was probably one of the last good ones made..

well really ever since their first Ipod came out the quality of mac products had declined significantly.

alright off to the river to get drunk and wet. enough of my Mac hate.

hm... Hell I didn't even know people still used KDE :X

Never really liked KDE, especially since the last update to gnome. Nice, functional, takes up very little screen real-estate OTB and to top it all off, fairly customizable. Good enough for me :)

Shot: (laptop)


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I dislike both KDE and gnome. If I'm on linux it's xmonad or OpenBox for my WM.

Tis true, but you got the 5K1LL5 like that. Everytime I tried my hand at non-gnomish linux, I would customize it so hard and crazy I would screw something up and ending up borking it :X

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