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[Version 1] Battery For The Rubber Ducky?


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I am a n00b in general but i had a thought about the Rubber Ducky after sitting there in front of my G15 keyboard.

One of the problems i have ran into at least with my g15 and some other USB hubs is that their power supply can tend to be tapped from the other devices on the chain. like my keyboard does.

so my thoughts are why not use an external power supply to make sure that your device will be able to function instead of relying on the computer to supply the power. yes it makes the design a bit more complicated but not by much. the main hindrance i see is that adding a charging circuit might elevate the complexity up to a level where it would not be worth it.

Perhaps someone with more electronics experience can chime in here.

I love the idea of the rubber ducky and see it as a source for doing all sorts of fun stuff. like perhaps typing out a message to the user in the microsoft sam voice. kind of takes the stealthy goodness out of it but it could be fun to say.. plug this thing into any windows computer and have it suddenly turn into a evil computer.

ok enough of my insane ramblings back to lurking

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What's the purpose of having a battery? Are you going to get a keyboard and some how attach it to program on the move?

a standard usb port only provides i think its 500ma of power. This 500ma can quickly get used up by crap, how much USB shit is there out on the market? everything from nerf style rocket launchers to little boxs that make noise even a dog that humps your usb port. all of these draw power. and it doesn't take very many until that power is completely taped out of a port. (IE My G15 keyboard sucks pretty much the full 500ma of power that the USB port provides on its own)

Now i can't say what the power draw of the Teensy plus the Micro SD card slot is. but i can't see it being all that low.

The whole thought of this is to extend the amount of port options available to you. not just the Ports on the case itself but also those on any Hubs or keyboards that might be available .

and lets not forget we are talking about a wonderful piece of tech that can do pretty much anything we want it to. so there may very well be other use's besides this for having some on-board power available.

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Most Usb port ,say all ,can spin a usb external 2,5 HDD..

If Irongeek uses a 3v lithium battery,the Ampere needing of Teensy must be very small.

Maybe a 2016,2032 battery,then just change it when it's time.

You need to use battery just if you want to retain data in a volatile memory...

using external power "just in case" i don't think it is necessary.

Anyway You must disconnect the two lines (plus and ground) on usb cable,

leaving only the two for data.

Pardon my english..

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