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Compatible Hardware

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This must surely be answered somewhere but I haven't been able to find it.

Can Jasager work on hardware other than the Fon? Is there a list of compatible hardware? I have a few extra wrt54g that can run dd-wrt and at least one that can run openwrt but I think the wireless chip is important.

Basically I'm trying to figure out if I need to get a Fon to make this work.


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Please Google: Karmetasploit

Also airdrop-ng

As for routers, They need the right chipset. Anything that can install openwrt i'm sure you can install karmetasploit and maybe airdrop-ng to. But the size of them may be the limitation.

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Yes, but it requires an OpenWRT-capable (and MIPS as well AFAIK) router with an Atheros chipset.

Ok I have been going through forum posts and I am sure it is in here and it will just take some time but I would like to speed this up a bit. So I have been looking for a place that tells me what adapters have what wireless chip set and also about the different types of wireless chip sets. I admit I am new to pen testing and I am working on setting up a dummy network in my house to test on and learn with but some how it seems finding this basic information or research locations is more difficult than I would have thought. I guess they do not want everyone finding them.

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