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Backtrack4 Wireless Problem


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I am new to back track. I have done some research and I new that bt4 wouldn't work with my on-board wireless card in my laptop so I got a usb network adapter. I am borrowing it and it's one of them wireless n from netgear and it's a wn111 v2 and I am not getting it to where I can find my network so I can connect. Just to add in there I am running bt4 from a usb so me and a friend can try it so we don't have to install it. I do know it will come up as ath0 and I got the network manger wcid come up on bt4 but it will not show the wireless networks or run the adapter. So I m just asking for help here I hope I provided enough information as well.

Thanks in advanced

Vampire Psycho

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If your drivers are supported by Backtrack4 then use the wicd network manager.

Dragon icon, Internet, WICD Network Manager.

You may want to check any buttons on your laptop to turn on wifi.

Personally I have this button to turn on/off wifi. When i turned it off on Windows and dual booted to BT4 it wouldnt work. I had to have the wifi on in Windows, Reboot to BT4 and then it worked. Not sure what that button kills but Linux Wireless wouldnt work unless it was on because it didnt have the drivers to turn it on in BT4. Button support was a windows thing.

Check to see if BT4 recognizes your card or any wireless device.

command: iwconfig

then find your wireless device that is supported and do:

ifconfig (*DEVICE NAME*) up

example: ifconfig wlan0 up

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Plug in the card, open a terminal and type dmesg. After you plug in the card, the last thing in dmesg should be a message about the device you plugged in. Might not be supported and you will see errors in dmesg if there is a problem. Also, type ifconfig -a and show all your adapters. eth0 is your wired, and lo is local-host loop-back. If those are the only two that show up, it doesn't recognize your card properly, and you may have to either install a proper driver manually or use an alternative card. I know that BT4 has some driver issues they are working on, and a lot of cards that used to work under BT2 and 3 dont work properly under BT4, mainly because of a custom kernel and highly modified OS for their needs, but its not impossible to get most cards working when they dont out of the box with BT4, it just takes some digging into what chipset and what others have done to get them working. For instance, my ralink card uses the rt73 drivers, not the rt73usb ones that come with BT4. I have to install my own drivers to get the card to work, because it doesn't work with their default drivers due to multiple cards using similar chipsets, but varying firmware.

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No I am saying I cant even figure out how to connect to a network like my home not doing any cracking yet

In addition to what the other folks have said make sure you so the following:

1. You need to start the Wireless Interface program (not sure of the office name)

/etc/init.d/wicd start

2. The go into the graphic Wireless Manager (WICD) and from there you should see a list of available SSID's. Select your home network, click on the arrow to configure your security option and then click connect.

That should do it.

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