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Evil Wifi Action + Social Engineering Toolkit

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Just wondering if this has been done before.

Have set up my evil wifi as per http://www.h-i-r.net/2009/07/evil-wifi-par...nera-setup.html

Was wondering if any has incorporated SET to push the targets to an evil page with a java applet payload for example?

Seems like a good idea no?

Anyone done this or have any info? Will be trying in the next few days

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thanks for the reply digininja, expected to get afew more maybe!

how could one go about this? I know SET is a great tool for cloning and injecting code into a website but it doesn't store these websites in nice html form.

I guess, first thing would be redirecting the dns so im thinking DNS spoofing?

After that would be making the webpage itself and injecting it with a metasploit payload..

Any info from anyone would be greatly appreciated! :D

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