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Eugenius Eoc-5610 Wireless Bridge W/ Aircrack-ng


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This particular client bridge is running linux and it has an atheros chipset that this fully capable of running the Aircrack-ng suite. Monitor mode and packet injection in all. However I cannot figure how to install Aircrack-ng. I can telnet in to it and get a linux shell with minimal commands. Iwconfig and ifconfig are both in the command list and they display the atheros interface (ath0) in addition to the ethernet in (etho). If the bridge is connected to an ap I can wget the aircrack tarball however there is no utility to "untar" the file. I also threw up the untarred folder on an ftp server and "wgot" that, but I could not cd to the directory to install the suite. Any help would be great, the product as a bridge works great to connect to unsecured wireless and sniff packets however I would love to crack some wep. Does anyone else use these high power antennas for this??

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