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Is anyone else having this problem w/ the DVD


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Hmm the link by Malak does the same to me, but the Ausgamer link gives me a ca 3.88gig file and its about 180 kbs, but after 20mins the link dosent work for me anymore :p and i have to use a dl accelerator that dosent accelerate to resume the dl again

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I got the DVD off the torrent just fine, and I've patched it, but I have other problems.

It doesn't like my LG dvdrecorder: when I select an item from the menu, the player says "cannot play back due to disc error" and spits the disc out.

The disc plays perfectly in my older Sony player though. Go Figure.

Anybody else having playback issues?

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It's in .rar format, which is like .zip. But instead of compressing it, it is only being used as a container.

"How do I download the DVD?

Click the download link, then click the torrent file link. This requires a BitTorrent client. There are several available, or click the Easy Downloader link and a client will be provided for you.

What do I do with this .RAR file?

Extract the files using a tool like Winrar (shareware), 7-Zip (open source), or UnRarX (mac).

Can I watch the DVD on my computer / I don’t have a DVD burner

The DVD can be viewed in VLC by selecting File > Open Directory and pointing to the folder you extracted the RAR file to.

How can I get the most out of the DVD?

For maximum enjoyment we recommend burning to DVD and watching on a big screen with multiple geeks and lots of snacks and caffinated beverages.

Where are these Easter eggs you speak of?

I would tell you, but I’m under NDA.

—Darren "

From the news posting.

To burn it, you should be able to put the files on one dics (no folder, unless when you unpack it, it has some. so in the root of the disc) and then burn. Then place in your DVD player and play.

I can't say for definite as us Brits are having problem downloading. So all I ask is if you are seeding then you add the UK tracker to your torrent. Details can be found here: http://hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1724

Many Thanks.

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