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I just watched my lil cousin play pokemon for like an hour. and i was wondering how hard it would be to make a game like a pokemon game. but prolly more mature. for kids around 15-16? please consider im decently new at C++.

EDIT: i need to know:

how to make graphics for this(be specific please prgram wise)

how long would an alpha version take to make.

and also, if there is a tut on how to do something like this could i get a link please?

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Do you have a storyline, game mechanics theory on how hits or HP and all that works? Those are the first steps I would think before programming it.

Not sure on how long it would take. Depends on 1) how much you code in a sitting. 2) how good you are at troubleshooting. 3) Understanding optimized code to save time and processing power.

I can probably safely say it will take 5 months of dedicated programming to make a fully functional game like pokemon for gameboy?

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no just for pc. but thank you. i have an understanding of how hit points and experience would work. but im not sure how to implement lol.


also if you want to see my game design document!

GAME TITLE-- unsure at the moment.
A Game For [PC]
Copyright 2010 [Joe Fisher]

Hello, i plan to be building a game to be played on the PC. It will be a freeroam game where you can do close to anything! excitement will roll around every corner. All of the creatures in this game are your friends or they are you enemies. You will be able to battle creatures. It's all completely up to you! The game map will have approximately 3 major towns, 5-6 smaller towns/viallges, and a few islands! so there are always new possibilities roaming out there. All building are open to the player at some point. its all up to you!


Imagine being in a world full of creatures, that can help you or hate you. when you are setting up the game you get to choose your traits you want, depending on those traits certain creatures will act differently towards you! Maybe you want to capture just one creature and get it really strong, and move from town to town, beating all other trainers who own these creatures! eventually being the best in the land. or maybe you just want to stay at home, and defend you small hometown from small invasions when they come in, and develop armor and weapons for the creatures to use, so that you town can be secure. Like i've said multiple times, only you can choose how the game will go!


The concept of this game is to make your life how you want it, exciting or boring, short or long, extravagant or poor.

The background story of this tremendous game is that the place you live in is inhabited by humans and strage creatures, some help humans, others resent humans for using the other creatures! Each town is independent from the other but doesnt have to be. towns are all neutral to each other, but depending on your actions can be hostile or allied. large land lays inbetween your town, and others.

Objective -- Live the game how you want to. no boundaries, anything can happen in this game.

Gameplay -- 2d game with overhead view. vibrant colors, and very creative.

once the game initializes, it loads and takes you to the main menu screen, where you can choose from:

Start new game
load previous game...

when you start a new game:

You start as a child, you will go through a short tutorial(or skip) during your birthday. after you blow out the candles screen disapears, and your 18. then you go through one more short tutorial, getting your first items, and doing your first task. then your free to roam the map!

    The human opponents are not directly your opponents, they along with you control creatures and you battle through the creatures.
    creatures: Are the main opponents, and are those that receive and inflict damage towards one another.

What is the planned interface?

What is the planned perspective 3rd person interface.

What is the basic interactive structure? Free roam (rpg)

What is the "heart" of the gameplay? Continuous gamplay. only stops for text prompts, and menus.

How does multi-player work? No direct multi-player planned out at the moment. but trading of items and creatures is available.

How difficult is the game? It will vary depending on how you as the player, makes it by doing certain things.

How long will it take the average player to complete? It will not have an official ending. but after certain objectives(long down the road) are compelted it will prompt the credits.


Characters -- 
    you: All aspects of your appearance and able to be changed in the beggining of the game, along with your traits and attributes.
    nemesis: Opposite gender, not an average nemesis, will be a friend from your starting town. and will take same path as you. meet up at various points.
    Town leaders: each town or cities best trainer. will be staged in a building, marked for the purpose of the player beating him to win honor and rewards.
    Evil team: An organization of evil do-ers that plot to do a mischievous act.
    good team: organization to stop evil org.

Single/multi player? if multi-player does arise, it will be the nemesis.

World -- Undetermined at the moment. large map!

Controls -- arrows on keyboard to move, a few more buttons undetermined to do actions, run etc.

Game peripheals--keyboard, and screen. no mouse included.

on-screen interface-- just the map and character. buttons can initiate start menu, where you can access your inventory, creatures ,etc.

Creatures: Shows all of you current creatures you are carrying (maximum amount not yet determined.)

Map: Shows the map, all map will be visible from start. but once you find hidden locations they will stay on map. also can mark locations.

Inventory: Shows all of your inventory items, weapons, health items, special items, and items like books to receive knowledge, also will show money.

Variable_your_name: Will be titled with the character name, will show all rewards you may have accomplished. also shows tasks(completed and active.)

options: brightness, contrast, system preferences etc.

save: saves game

load: loads game

Exit: leave current game returns back to main menu screen.

Onscreen text messages-- used to show conversations, prompt menu's and are on during battles.

Graphics -- 2d, high resolution.

Soft music during map mode(when exploring map.) different scenes receive different background music.

battle sounds: will have variety of sounds for different attacks.

EDIT AGAIN: sorry thought that the code tags would make it a scroll inside.

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The game engine is what powers the entire game, it keeps track of health, inventory, game progress and other essential stats. If the game has any non-player characters then it handles artificial intelligence, basically a set of rules which define how the environment and other characters interact with the player. It also draws stuff on the screen, handles models, sprites, movement and physics, it plays music and sound effects and deals with keyboard, mouse or gamepad input. Without an engine you have a pile of sounds and pictures, it's basically the code, the glue that holds everything together, the brain of the game.

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I did watch my cousin play pokemon for an hour yesterday lol! but what do you mean (even basic) game engine?

BattZ: He're referring to "(even basic)" in Psychosis' message above.

Joe Fisher: What Psychosis meant by that was that you need a game engine, even if it's a very basic one, in order to build a game.

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