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I checked out obsoleet and was totally impressed. Yeah it's not HD, but it doesn't matter when the content is interesting. I will definitely be keeping up with this one. Props to famicoman for his efforts and moonlit for the tip.


The 4th episode was just released, and it's already showing vast improvements.

The tech is old school, which is really cool. A lot of background information is given about the different devices/things shown/used, which make it just that much better and informative.

I've always kind of felt that the people that grew up with the phone phreaking and stuff were somewhat lucky.

Getting into computers when I did was like... Jumping into Algebra without without any prior math classes.

I feel like I missed a bunch... Obsoleet is helping to fill in those gaps.

Viewer submitted segments have already been shown, and I'm sure there will be more to come.

I'd recommend it :)

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