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[Version 1] Using Arduino Ide

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ok so i downloaded and the stuff i need to start coding but i cant seem to be able to code with c or c++ in the Arduino IDE i dont understand what im doing wrong.

what code should i be using with the IDE?

if i need one were can i fing a c/c++ library for the IDE?

is there a tutorial some were that will tell me what im doing wrong?

i did get some code off of the forum to work but i dont know what going one


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You might want to try to code in Arduino Language, it's much simpler to use than C/ C++. Once you know what is going on, you can then move on to program in C++ since Arduino language is pretty much based on C/C++ :)

Take a look at Irongeek's webpage on Teensy, he did a great job with the example codes he put up there.


Hope it helps.


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