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Early December, I purchased VPS services from domain.com knowing that HAK5 uses them, I figure it must be a good service.

Up until last week, I haven't had many issues. Last Friday, I decided to patch my server and reboot it to the new kernel. Big Mistake! My server never came back up. I log into my control panel and try to start my server up. No luck, it fails. I try restarting in repair mode, no luck. Searching google for the error returned, I found the fix to be a simple restart of a service on the host. I open a ticket on Friday afternoon via email. I get a response 24 hrs later saying it would be resolved within 24 hrs later. Tuesday afternoon, no response. I call technical support, they say issue will be resolved shortly. Weds morning, still no server up. Call support, engineer will be in office in 3 hrs and will look at ticket. 8 hours later, no response still. Call back, nobody has looked at my ticket. It's being "escalated." 5.5 days and counting and my server is still down.

Has anyone else has such poor service with domain.com? Any suggestions for actually getting real service?

BTW, if you are interested this is what I get when starting my VPS:

Operation start with the VPS(s) VEID9642 is finished with errors: #1004 Error invoking vzctl utility: Starting VE ... VE is mounted vz-start ERROR: TOTALRATE not configured for class 1 VE is unmounted VE start failed

I found this via google: http://openhelp.net/2010/01/26/error-total...ed-for-class-1/ as the solution. Clearly it isn't anything I can fix. Furthermore, it looks like a fairly straightforward fix to resolve my issue.

I am really frustrated with the service I am receiving and plan on moving my domains away from domain.com as soon as I get my server back up.

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