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H. 264 Recording/mixing


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I was recently concated by my local school district looking for a software soltion to their video needs. The just of it is they have 3 HD IP cameras outputing H.264. They are looking for a solltion to capture all this video, the audio from a serperate system, possible some form of video feed from a presentation computer. They want a tool to capture all these sources and bring them togeter. If possible they would like to also mix this in real time to be sent out streamed.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. I've worked with the their director of Technology in the past and they are very willing to explore open source options if they exist.

I'm also curious, in the touch screen segment with Jasson, Darren mentioned using the touch screen with some software in your production. I'm currious what sofware you guys are using. I don't remember you ever saying.

Anyway thanks in advance.

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