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Multipule Usb Adapters In Backtrack4?


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Hey guys,

I have an alfa AWUS036H, (great adapter:) anyway, I plan to buy a second one but I'd like to know ahead of time if I can use two at the same time in BT4, I know windows would freak out if you plugged in 2 of the same device....

I plan to have an all-in-one type mod with all the pen testing tools in a single enclosure with a internal usb hub.. But I need to know if it'll work with two of the same adapter before I spend my money.

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Im not 100% sure, but I beleive backtrack(or any linux distro) will add an id to the additional device, such as etho, eth1, eth2, etc, so same would go for wireless usb adapters, such as ath0, ath1, ath2, etc, or whatever your device ID is, like wifi0, wifi1, wifi2, etc, etc.

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As Digip mentioned above, Backtrack would just see another interface attached to the system. And I don't see why it wouldn't play nicely.

You could have two Alfa's adapters, one for packet monitoring and the other one for packet injection, very handy if you want to do packet monitoring and packet injection at the same time.

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