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Android (n1), Ubuntu, Hamster/ferret, Hamachi


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I'm just going to share my experiences.

Hopefully make things easier for people who want to try the same things.

I have recently updated my Cyanogenmod to 6 RC1:


(actually i just noticed there is an RC2 now :angry: )

anyway, with the new froyo stuff, there is the built-in wifi hotspot. (I could never get the wifi tether apps to work previously)

and last hak5 episode we saw the shark android app, so i thought well..

why should i have to save the packets and transfer them to a computer?

Then i stumbled upon:


you will need the "updated" bootubuntu file too. So replace the one in the archive with the one referred to way down the guide page.

its pretty simple, but a nastly thing i learned (which i think is only a problem with cm6 RC1) you cannot have any apps installed to sdcard with apps2sd when you try to run bootubuntu. It will fail. took me 2 days to find that out... *bitter*

then i got it working! and i went ahead and downloaded hamachi (i use it a lot. always wanted it for my phone)


the important thing to note here.. i THINK.. i could not recreate the situation, but when i made the tuntap stuff, i think it broke my 3g... I re-installed CM6, and 3g worked again, but now hamachi cannot connect to the tunnel... theres something going on here i dont understand.

Then I installed hamster/ferret, (you need to apt-get g++ if you used the built-in ubuntu.img from the guide above)

and it all works great! except for one thing. the critical part of hamster.. the cookie cloning doesnt seem to be working. when i try to clone a session from my laptop (while connected to my phones AP) the cookie is not copied. All it does it go to the same address sans-cookie.

And thats where i'm up to at the moment.

I'm really just stoked to have ubuntu on my phone. and working so nicely.

also Better Terminal Emulator is a hell of a lot better than the built-in terminal android app. (supports tab-complete, BACKSPACE, color text, and other things...)

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