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The Best Game


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Here we go.

Basically In this thread we will discuss the best game of all time.

To be fair, you choose an STRATIGIC game then an ACTION game then a SIM game. You pick each as a reviewer trying to be as unbiased as you can, picking out story lines, technical achivements and whatever else you please.

After picking a game for each sub genre, you pick a game for the all time title, best game ever.

You then write a short sentence on why

Here's where it gets interesting though, see the rules are you have to read the persons post before yours, and argue/agree with their best game, while being unbiased. After a while I'll open a poll with the highest ranked games.

So for example

Strategy- CnC generals

Action- halo 1

Sim- gran tourismo 5

All time - gta 4

Why? Gta 4 is the most in depth game I've ever seen. From great voice acting, to amazing physics and brilliant story line. The levels of detail rockstar put into this game really do shine when you look into it.

There you go, hope this works out. Any ideas to make this better are welcome!


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I've never played C&C Generals, even though I have it..

Halo Combat Evolved is just awesome! Anyone up for a quick CTF in the old 'gulch?? :D

Sorry, never played GT5

My favs:

Strategy: C&C Red Alert 3 (and Uprising)

Action: Descent 3

Sim: Flightgear (M$ Flight Sim may be better, but Flightgear is free..)

All time: GTA IV

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Remember to include your all time best game, as well as your 3 minor choices. Also remember your sentence justifying your decision about the all time best game, and your sentence arguing or agreeing with the previous person.


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Strategy: C&C: Red Alert 3

Action: GTA: San Andreas

Sim: MS Flight Sim X

RPG: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

FPS: CoD 4: Modern Warfare

All Time: Half-Life

I vote Half-Life simply because it's still awesome to play after 12 years. Half-Life 2 comes a close second though.

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trip do you have a wheel? i want one so bad. i think the one i was is the logitech G25 or something like that. its got full 900* rotation wheel. gas, break, AND clutch pedal which is awesome! and its got a six speed gear box or you can use the paddle shifters. it works with PS3 and your PC.

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Strategy- Starcraft: Brood War (Haven't made a decision about SC2 yet.)

Action- Halo Reach

Sim- Age of Empires 2?... Closest I can get... I mean really, I don't play sims. Though I have done some Google Earth flying.

MMOPG-Eve Online... They have it perfect... Except maybe the price and overbalancing. (But everyone is overbalancing games these days.)

All time-Halo CE Why? Because it was so darned easy to get a hold of for new gamers, the auto-aim may have been annoying for "pros", but since when can you play a video game with your pathetic not-so-geek brother, and get killed?! I'm not sure they ever quite got the game mix back to the near-perfection of CE, until Reach.

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I'll probably get hell for this, but my fav game right now is "Sniper Ghost Warrior". I picked it up on discount from steam for like $10 or $15 and have to say its a great budget FPS game worth much more than its price tag. I don't care what people say about the game, as far as I am concerned it's a top notch game, great player control, especially for its single player storymode, which I like better than its multiplayer mode.

Ive got Counter Strike Source, Day of Defeat, COD4 (Modern Warfare) and Battlefield Bad Company 2, and I still love the single player mode of Sniper Ghost Warrior over all the other FPS games I have. I've beaten it back to back like 4 times in a row now, and am always finding new paths to take and ways to beat the boards, but one slip up and you are met with a ton of enemies that come from no where, so it takes some patience to use stealth and long range sniping to clear your path before entering most areas.

People have bashed it in reviews, but I've gotten the most fun out of it compared to the others. Its handling takes some getting used to when shooting long distances, but it seems to be more accurate and realistic and the graphics are top notch in my opinion. If you don't have patience to stay prone 90% of a game, then Sniper Ghost Warrior isn't for you, but for me, its single player mode is more enjoyable than even its multiplayer matches.

They are supposed to be putting out a sequel, so hope it outdoes the first one.

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I'll probably get hell for this, but my fav game right now is "Sniper Ghost Warrior".

They are supposed to be putting out a sequel, so hope it outdoes the first one.

Sounds like fun. I always thought an actually authentic sniper game would be extremely fun for patient players. Some idiots think standing in the middle of blood gulch, moving back and forth, and getting the first head shot is sniping.

However sniping is distance and elevation calculation, wind measuring, trajectory measuring, camouflage and retreat skill, and possibly taking hours to move feet for the right shot on a vital target.

(Major John Plaster has/did have great sniper training videos on youtube. Surprisingly soothing and interesting if your into a patient, lethal strike on enemies.)

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You know one of my favourite game series is Thief. It may be an older game(1998,2000,2004) but I still play it very often,considering there is hundreds of Fan made missions for the game. If you have never heard of it check it out,you may end up liking it lol. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thief_%28series%29

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Strategy: Warcraft 3

FPS: Bad Company 2

RPG: World Of Warcraft

All time favorite has to be Minecraft, who doesn't like a game where you fight zombies, spiders, skeletons, and gather materials to make whatever comes to mind at the time? Also it was made by a single person which I find extremely cool.

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I liked how C&C has being mentioned several times. I have played all C&C games and highly recommend it as a Strategy War Game.

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