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Iphone Anyone?


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hi guys,

i am wondering if the hak5 team have or ever will do some stuff todo with the iphone, like jailbreak?

1. As I learnt from posting that I had bought an iPhone 4 on release day, the hak.5 community are mostely droid/Linux users.

2 i don't see them doing a segment on jailbreaking as it is far too widespread and common as well as easy - blackrain and spirit were one button jailbreaks.

Back in iPhone 1.4 days it was a lot harder, but still quite script-kiddy.

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you could try and convince Shannon to do something cool for a snubs report segment, that's going to be your only luck...

Another phone that may make for a cool segment(if the team could get their hands on one) would be the Palm Pre Plus, as it runs a slightly modified version of busybox, with a user interface built with web standards(html, java, css) and the greatest bit is that Palm allows anybody to mess with whatever you want without the need for special roms or complicated rooting...

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