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haha evil server needs to imploy more dump trucks to move my google searches around. Also, we need to replace the tubes with wormholes. FIrst there were modems, tehn cable, then fiber tot he curb. Introducing worm hole to the curb from microshaft. This new internet 714.2 will allow for data rates of up to inifinity-1. ALL you do is connect to the evil server thru ur interface space time continum rip and u can pirate all the movies you want. Speaking of dumptrucs and pirating, you should check out episode 2 of unplugged Pirating Myspace Net Neutrality Porn at http://unpluggedpodcast.com your garented to enjoy it or ur bandwith back (warning claims of injoyment are not garanted, enjoyment not availble in all areas, side affects of injoyment may include laughing, spilling of beer, feeling good, jumping up and down; ask your doctor if unplugged is right for you note that serious complications may occur if you haeva problem with peopel swearing, or if talkigna bout sex, porn, internet, net neutrality, myspace, google, or Senitar Steavens offends you).

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