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[Version 1] Brute Forcing With The Ducky.

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Hey guys, I'm just wondering if I was able to make a code with Arduino to generate passwords, then use them to attempt to bruteforce an admin account locally. As in:

Generate password,

input "administrator" - (username)


input password value,

enter enter.

repeat until access is granted.

I am also considering using a wordlist, any links or even code on how to implement this would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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Even if the operating system does nothing to limit the speed of your guessing (which it easily can and certainly should), USB keyboards at 12 Mbit/sec are limited to 1000 state changes per second, due to the design of the HID protocol. Each keystroke is usually implemented as 2 events, a key down and key up.

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I've been working on some code to do some brute forcing, but I can't seem to get it quite right. You're welcome to take a look at it, but if you fix it and get it working properly, I'd really appreciate it coming back to me.

// Simple Bruteforcer v0.1
// by HaDAk
// Special thanks to Kevin B. and Carl V.

  // Variables
  int ascii = 32; // 32 - 126
  int digit = 1;
  int blinkcount = 0;
  int MAX_PASSWORD = 32;
void setup() {

  // Blink when the ducky is first plugged in, to verify power to it.
  while(blinkcount < 2){
  delay(1000); // wait a second

void loop() {

void blink(int time){
  pinMode( PIN_D6, OUTPUT );    // set LED to super bright
  digitalWrite(PIN_D6, HIGH);   // LED on
  delay(time);                  // Slow blink
  digitalWrite(PIN_D6, LOW);    // LED off

void enter(){ // Press the enter key, and release it

void hax(int n){
    char curpw[MAX_PASSWORD];
    for(int i = 0; i < MAX_PASSWORD; ++i)
        curpw[i] = '\0';
    curpw[0] = 32;
        char *test = &curpw[0];
        while (*test > (char)126)
            if (curpw[MAX_PASSWORD-1] > (char)126)
            *test = 32;
            if (*test < 32)
                *test = 32;

void try_password(char* curpw, int n){
    for(int i=0;i<n;i++){

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