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Computers Won't Detect When Connected Via Ethernet

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I searched around for troubleshooting as best as I could but couldn't find anything like this problem I am experiencing.

I ordered my Pineapple a few days ago, received it today and dove right in. I got 4 AAs and fired it up and it was broadcasting "Pineapple" like it was supposed to. After little struggle I got onto the X-WRT GUI and decided to change the time on it to Eastern as I live in that time zone I then went to the Jasager Interface and started playing with some of the options, I cycled between black and white list from what I recall, all perfectly. I turned the Pineapple off and when I later turned it back on, it was no longer broadcasting "Pineapple" and upon hardwiring it to any computer it, each computer acts like nothing is connected to it. If I have the ethernet plugged in and then turn it on, the middle light on the pineapple is lit for a few minutes and Windows 7 Connections displays a public AP "Untitled Network" for a few minutes before again acting like nothing is connected to the computer. I've tried multiple computers and ethernet wires to make sure that wasn't the problem. I also didn't force the wires in with any pressure at all. Has anyone else had a problem similar to this one and if so how do I go about fixing it? Or do I now have a $109 paperweight?

Thanks and I love the show,


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I managed to get things working again this morning. Leave it to a good nights sleep to come up with a good idea. But what I did to solve this problem was even though my ethernet port was showing that nothing was connected to it, I went to the "network and sharing center" in Windows 7 then went to "change adapter settings". I then proceeded to bridge my lan connection to my wireless connection in a practice I do to get onto Xbox live so I don't have to buy the $100 adapter and "Pineapple" was broadcasting again and I could access the web UI again. I've noticed though that this was only with the wall plug not the battery pack included which leads me to believe that the problem lies in the battery pack, I can turn it on and have 1 light lit but the second one won't nor will ethernet work which from what I can determine from RTFM I wasn't using good batteries I was using store bought yet in the manual it says Rechargeable work best. I hope that if anyone else comes across this problem that this will help them getting their pineapple v2 up and running again instead of having a cute $109 doorstop. Lesson learned don't be impatient and RTFM a few times and carefully

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