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Changing Bts Of Evdo


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I have been using EVDO as my primary connection as I don't have a wired line in my room. It has been working kinda fine for 1 and a half years as I used to get 1Mb to 2Mb downloads. But for a month or so, it doesn't go above 0.8Mbits at all, and more often than not its around 0.2Mbit (~30KBps) which is getting on my nerves now. But when I tested the same connection at my relatives place about 1.5KM away from here (Point-to-Point distance), I get almost 2.8Mbits which is close to the carrier limit of Rev A (The one I have).

So I was wondering if anyone can guide me or point to where I can get some info to change my current BTS to the other one. I get full signals at both places, so I shouldn't lose more than 1 signal if I connect to the other tower.

I use a Huawei EC360 with Elan P111 PCI-PCMCIA adapter on Ubuntu Karmic and Win Xp. And I am pretty sure that my ISP has most of its CDMA/EVDO network on Huawei infrastructure.


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Have you made any alterations/modification on your system recently? Any new software or hardware installation?

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Nope, nothing that could have affected the speed like this. I used to have a high RWIN value in Windows when I got 100KBps +, but now I have reduced that as well. And on Ubuntu I hadn't changed anything before or after the speed drop.

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Have you contacted your ISP, to find out if there are any issues at their end. You might want to get them to run some tests on your phone line, to determine if there is any problems.

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Yes I did complain to them, but they said there is nothing they can do about it as there are more users in this area.

I have been researching a bit on how this could be done, which have lead me to QPST, QXDM and CDMA workshop.

QXDM shows some live statistics about the device and connection, including the needed information in my case of PN numbers and Powers of Active Set (The current connected Cell tower), and Neighbour Sets.

My current Active Set is PN 264, with a Power of ~-4. But I see in Neighbour Sets at least two viable candidates for changing the active PN as they have Power of ~-11 and ~-8.

I also noticed that in QXDM it shows DRC (Data rate Control) throughput and Requested DRC from 400-900Kbps, while I think it should show this as 3000Kbps as I am on Rev A.

And another thing I just noticed is that when the speed is really reduced to like 10-20KBps, there are two Active PNs (Which according to evdotips.blogspot.com degrades performance). The interesting thing now is that the Neighbour PN of Power -8 is now at -3, and the previous active PN is at -7.

The first obstacle I was seeing in accomplishing what I am trying to do was to get the ID of the tower I will have to jump to, and that appears to have been solved. Now just remains how to make my device NOT connect to the current Active PN.

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