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Quick Question About What Can Be Done On The Windos 98 On Psp


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so i have the disk for windows 98, and an awsome game (army men XD) and i was wondering (seeing how the modern computers wont run it :'( ) if it would be possible to install the game in the program so that when the immage is ran on the psp, the psp system would be able to run the software on its own

brought about this curosity

pls be nice n honist

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Not sure, but only way to find out, is try it. What do you have to lose? Sounds like a fun project.

On a side note, you could also just run windows 98 in a VM and it will not only work fine, all your games will work too. I set someone up with a win95 vm a few years ago just for that purpose, so play some old shareware and windows games he had that he really want to play without sacrificing his current OS.

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Fun to try, I'm sure, but it won't be even a fraction of any usable speed. Emulation is very heavy work, and that little PSP just can't cut it, it will have trouble running even Windows 3.1.

Watching videos on youtube leads me to believe it'd be something like the speed of an underclocked 286-era PC (and that's being somewhat optimistic), which basically means that any Windows game would be absolutely unplayable (even Solitaire). Just Windows itself is practically impossible to use at that speed, and certainly useless for anything productive. Some DOS based games *may* work, but even a lot of those will struggle, especially newer games. Combine that with a lack of proper inputs (keyboard, mouse) and it becomes nothing more than a fun hack to waste an afternoon on.

As digip suggested you'd be better off with a virtual machine on your PC, it'd be considerably faster.

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