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Autodialer (bash Help) - Ubuntu 10.04

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I have a desire to call a given number, following the prompts enter the necessary menu options (pressing 1, then 3, then a 3 digit extension, *the extension is pulled from a list of extensions currently in csv/txt format.) to get to the department i want. upon be connected to that department i want to record a response.

anyone can weight in on this topic however it should be noted that I am working with ubuntu 10.04. i am basing the whole project being scripted in bash. i will be using a us robotics modem for this project.

if any more information is needed i will provide.

dtmfdial provides the sequence i want to use and necessary length inbetween menu options to get where i want to go. however this is only because i have limited knowledge in this area.

so you linux or even windows people i will take any and all advice from anyone.

maybe the response can be recorded as a voicemail or something

mgetty or wvdial


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