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I actually did C++ after PHP and then found it easier to learn C, but it could work vice versa.

There are some similarities between the two languages, that's why you found it easier to learn.

Like for instance the "print("Hello World");" construct, can be found in both languages.

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I was tempted to just post "English" but resisted.

Infiltrator you mean printf() not print()

I would recommend learning C++, skip the whole C part unless you really want to get into it, sometimes you find self taught developers not understanding the difference because they don't understand if they are writing C or C++ at times. Mind you I seem the same from educated developers.

Unless there is a specific reason for learning C over C++ in your case learn C++ will be a much nicer language and allow you to take advance of OOP like you should have within PHP.

But one thing you need to do if you really want to get proficient with a language is to find a project which you want and enjoy developing and dedicate your self to that, e.g. if you want to get into building games learn OpenGL + SDL with C++ and attempt to build your own game (2.5d even).

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