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Optical Light Cables


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For a modem/router project I am working on I may need to tap the LED's on my modem board and bring the light to another location. Does anyone know where I could get some optical cable to reroute this light.

I guess I could get one of those funky lights at walmart and clip a few of the optical strands.

Similar to this:


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You could just unsolder the LED from the board and re-solder it in a new location; Not on the board but on a wire which you can drill a hole for the led to fit through.

I took a look at the LED's on board and they are kinda small. Not comfortable attempting to remove these.

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You can usually pick these up fairly cheap. I've used them to do exactly what you're describing. I didn't feel like unsoldering a surface mount led.

That optical tube is pretty much what I would like as the thickness looks to be similar to the size of the plastic lens that was over the LED of the modem.

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