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Bridge Network Connections In Linux


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Hey guys.

Once again I seek your wisdom.

I'm trying to bridge two network connection using Linux.

Wireless Router -> if: wlan0

if: eth0 -> Other Machine

I hope that setup made any kind of sence. However, the other machine which is connected via a CAT5 cable to the "Linux Bridge Computer" does not get any contact with the internet nor with the network. I've tried both static and DHCP but nothing seems to work.

Something is wrong with the setting on my Linux machine. I've tried to use "bridge-utils" to set it up, but its just giving me a hardtime. And I have no idea if what I'm doing is close to the right thing.

And yes, I've tried Googling it.

/ gEEEk

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Thanks Sparda!

I was able to solve the issue.

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