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Dangerous Downloads


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Apologies if someone spotted this before, I didn't see anything in a search of the forums.

I was using Yahoo's in-pointing links tool to check sites that link into my own. Obviously Hak5 was picked up due to my signature, apparently Hak5 is dangerous:-


Dangerous? Really? :blink:

LOL@Yahoo :)

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I think Yahoo needs to do some more work on their malware definitions signatures. It doesn't look right to me.

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Haha I suppose if you are stupid enough the downloads on Hak5 could be classed as dangerous.

In other news Googles shoving my reply notifications into my spam folder, hence me not replying sooner.

eovnu87435ds, you used to be able to enter linkdomain:top-windows-tutorials.com -site:top-windows-tutorials.com into Yahoo to see inpointing links (obviously substitute top-windows for your site) but it looks like Yahoo are tweaking things and that's not working at the moment.

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