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Here is a program I made after seeing numerous reports of government workers losing unencrypted data because things like Truecrypt where to complicated for them to use. The program is made in Visual Basic (sorry everyone on Linux) and just has a password field and on OK button. It requires "truecrypt.exe" and a volume called "volume.tc" in the same directory as the program and can be hidden. This was my first proper program so please speak freely about it.

Link to virscan.org report (virustotal was offline):http://virscan.org/report/830fc23484e9c558...44f9da874b.html

Link to program (from skydrive):http://cid-425a7706bba34cb6.office.live.co...SimpleCrypt.exe

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Scytheon3, thanks for this, I'll take a look and let you know. I have needed a solution "like" this, but pretty much have been to lazy to bother looking at and working out TrueCrypt

Then don't bother using it .

Using apps like truecrypt without understanding what they do and how only leads to a false sense of security .

Besides, "being to lazy to bother" is a noobish attitude ..

But go ahead and download this little password-entry GUI with no source-code from a unknown guy with 10 posts ..

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Guest Deleted_Account

It's a good concept and for the record when i tested it in a VM comodo listed nothing unusual and no network/internet connectivity.

However I just don't get the point. TC is made to be easy to use worst comes to worst leave the drive creation alone and let someone else do it. Mounting is a piece of cake and if in doubt visit TC forums/Tutorial page. Aslo a tool i have been using for a long time that does this and more (Shreding, selfdestruct files, etc.) is SecureTrayUtil.

Which has source code as well. OP please release source or most people won't download it. This is because to many spammers abuse sights like this and when someone with I'd say 25 or less posts puts up a link/download most will question it as spam/virus/trojan/downloader/keylogger/etc.

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