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Dd-wrt Router And Fios Actiontec Device


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I just set up a wireless dd-wrt router but decided to configure it as an AP rather than do the whole routing and switching thing. The reason being is even though I have the steps to configure my FIOS Actiontec modem/router as a bridge and let the dd-wrt take care of the rest, I wasn't sure if doing this would affect the DVR that FIOS provides. When I go into the Actiontec's network settings, the DVR does get an ip address. However it is not connected with an ethernet cable. It is connected downstream of the ONT by COAX. Somehow they are tied in such a way that it is a DHCP client. It is listed as an IP set top box.

As I was setting up the Actiontec as a bridge and changing the ethernet settings, I got a warning stating that doing so could affect video service. At that point I stopped and re-imported the previous configuration file I backed up before I started making changes. That was I was able to restore everything. I didn't want to disrupt video service and render the DVR useless.

So my question is if anyone uses the FIOS system for internet and video service? Have they added a dd-wrt router, turned their FIOS wireless modem/router to a bridge with their dd-wrt do all the work without any issues?


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