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im a web devloper looking for ideas for a new site im skilled in php both me and my friend have been trying to figure out a site to make we have devloped out our own social networking site for a compition but my teacher was paying the domain and i graduated and cant get a hold of him for the domian login info

any one wanna shoot me some ideas for a new site?

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I can already see some ideas.

1. Since you have experience in the web development area, why don't you create a tutorial for new starters, telling them what/how they should develop a website. The cons/pros in a web site development and so on.

2. You also mentioned you are skilled with PHP, why not write a tutorial with sample codes and tips on how to program in PHP.

3. I think you should sit down with your friend and find out what areas or experiences in IT you both have and then determine who got what and then write up some contents based on your own experience.

If you guys need a web hosting provider, domain.com seems to be pretty good, or host your own web server.

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sounds good i was defiantly going to go and buy it from domain.com and eventually move on to my own web server

That's what I did in the past, bought my own domain and ran my own web server from home. Got to be prepared for the worst tough. That's why web hosting companies can be costly sometimes.

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yea i know man im just a freshmen in college right now also not much income over here enough for school n bills

Fair enough, wish you good luck bro.

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