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Trying To Get Into Exploit Development


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Hi Guys,

well i want to get good at exploit development/reversing stuff.

Can you recommend some books, guides or even just approaches to get a good start?

For starters, i don't know any languages (yet), but i'm taking on c.

I will look at python and maybe perl, assembler too, of course.

It's not that i don't know what to learn.

More like i need some tipps to get started, since there's so much stuff going on.

I'd prefer german stuff, but english is totally okay aswell.

Just not as pleasurable to read, at least not when you haven't slept for like a day or so.

The Art of Exploitation seems nice, just like Shellcoders Handbook.

Especially since the first one's available in german aswell.

Kinda pricey though. <_<

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Thanks Infiltrator.

Will definitely check them out.

I got myself a book about C yesterday, which will hopefully arrive today.

I wonder if i should get some stuff about assembler aswell.

Will the basics suffice or do i need to get into it for real?

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