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What To Do With Ideas?


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I have a spectacular idea for a new social networking website. One like it does not yet exist. What should I do with such an idea?

Step 1. Come up with spectacular idea.

Step 2. ???

Step 3. Proft!

The only thing I can think of for step two would be to take the spectacular idea and make it a spectacular functioning website.

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Write down your idea and document it.

Make a mock up of your idea and get real users to try it out, and let them send to you their feedback.

That way, if there is anything that sucks up it can be improved.

And who knows it might become a real and a popular site one day.

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Generally web sites that exist purely for the purpose of been a web site that people want to use won't make any money or brake even in the first 12 months.

I'm not worried about making money. That would be something that I would start to think about after I learn the first couple steps to making one happen. I just want to try it out, for fun if for nothing else.

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Or you could provide a Paypal link on the website, for people to make contribution if they really like your website.

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