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Router Fonnera Vs Untangle (with Wifi Of Course :) )

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I was going to upgrade from my old TRENDnet router and wanted to know which would be better:

Buying a Fonnera router for the $99 and/or setting up Untangle on my Dell box. If i was going to use Untangle what i wanted to know was could i do a setup like this:




Firewall is an alphashield which would be ontop of the Untangle Firewall and the router and commodo on my comp :)

If you don't alread know you plug the modem into it and the PC/router into the other ethernet port :)

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I would definitely go with the second option, Dell box rather than buying a Fonnera box.

Secondly, you can configure untangle to be a firewall as well, but you can however install comodo to strengthen the security.

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Guest Deleted_Account

Buy open-mesh mini router www.open-mesh.com for making a Jasager/Pineapple. https://www.open-mesh.com/store/products.ph...Mini%252dRouter $29

Convert Dell into router...

Sounds good so i can hook it up so the modem connects to the Untangle router (Dell) and then the Dell connects to Wireless router? I tried googling but didn't find much in detail and this would have better range / cheaper then installing a wifi card in my old dell :P

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