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Network Attached Cpu?


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Does anyone know how you could run a program on two computers (one slave one master) so that the slaves idle cpu could be used on the master computer like the seti@home project but on a home network. I have been trying to do this as I am converting a load of DVDs into a format playable by my android tablet on my laptop and have 2-3 old computers lying around.

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Is the application you are using to convert the DVD, multi threaded if not than there isn't gonna be much pointing in setting up a clustered system.

The application first of all has to be able to see more than one CPU core. Is the application you are using from CyberLink?

Another thing you could do, is read on ClusterKNoppix which is a Linux clustering OS, that should give you more ideas.

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1. Yes I am on Windows with a few Linux boxes lying around

2. There is a program (I don't remember the name) that forces all network traffic through a proxy, this is the sort of thing I want. A program that forces some processing to be done on another computer

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Doesn't work like that. The latency between each node (i.e a CPU) is to high to do real-time processing over a standard ethernet link. Even the specialized interconnects found in HPC setups are to slow.

What you want to do is to take a job, i.e. converting a DVD, split it up into smaller tasks and then spread those tasks out between multiple systems that will process those tasks in parallel, and then use one machine to join up each of those separate jobs into the final output. In this instance, the type of cluster your talking about is called a render farm.

Take a look at this link:


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