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Help Choosing A Product For Home Server/router


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I desperately want/need to setup a home server and router but I'm having a tough time finding the right product. I know what I want and what would be nice but can't seem to find something that fits the bill. Please help.

The product must be low power (<100 Watts), support SATA, have two integrated nics and the hardware must be fully supported by Ubuntu (or similar Linux distro).

Trust that I'm not being lazy and refusing to investigate for myself, I've literally been searching for hours straight. I've searched for servers, home servers, soho servers, soho routers, bare bones, mini/micro atx, nettop, router, dual nic, etc...

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Aha! I just stumbled upon the SheevaPlug and GuruPlug, both of which look interesting. The GuruPlug looks best with all requirements met (except maybe the full Ubuntu one), though with a 4 week delivery delay I'd like other options.

I look forward to everyone's suggestions.

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You can buy a mini-atx mobo, the only problem is that most mini-atx comes with a single integrated lan interface. You could buy an add on nic and install.

I did a search in Google and found that most min-atx boards from Intel comes with an E-sata interface. So that should suit your needs.

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