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E71 Firmware


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Got an E71 on 3 network. Contract has run out. The knob jockeys gave me the wrong unlock codes so now the phone is permanently locked to them (on purpose some might say, to convince you to stay). Anyway, arguing with them I've finally got them to agree to cover the cost of getting the phone unlocked in a shop (as their 3 stores don't do it). I've changed flag on the phones firmware so marks it as a normal unbranded euro phone. Allowed me to put the latest Nokia firmware on it. Means it's not 3 branded, but it's still locked.

Went in the shop today. Bugger. He said as it's got the lastest Nokia firmware on it he won't be able to unlock it now. The old firmware is fine but he said the latest has stopped it.

Anyone know if it's possible to get the firmware without the Nokia updater and go back a few editions? I know I could set the flag back to 3 and then reflash it with the 3 firmware.

Any ideas?

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