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July Desktops

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Well sense it's July and all, I am gonna go all out and show you all.. pretty much blandness, but with simplicity comes tranquility :)







The image someone sees if they bust into my house and happen to glance at the 20" monitor :P


And last but not least... My HERO! (literally, it's my HTC Hero fully rooted/romed/etc [see specs below :D)


Hero Spec:

Running Aloysius 2.1 (soon to be running 2.2! :D)

Overclocked to 710mhz

Stock-Android, color-modified Lock screen


Mystify Live Wallpaper


JIT...Disabled.. Pandora, and Google Nav does NOT like it right now :X

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Here's mine for the month


Like the Amiga inspired Nickname.. I so hated that error; it happened a lot when i was using lightwave back in the day :P

Im curious what hardware are you running 4.1 on? I have a a3000 and a a2500 and have been looking at maybe tinkering around with this.

Dont mean to derail the conversation if you want to PM me go for it..

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dude, fl is a great program? which one is it? i use fl8

Sorry what does FL stands for?

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