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Uk Software Laws


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Hello Everyone,

As we all know, DRM can sometimes legally prevent us from tinkering with our devices. The UK governement has launched a site where UK citizens can post "ideas" on how to cange the law. Here is a link to an idea that I created, and I encourage all UK folks here to vote highly for it.


There are already some ideas there about pulling out of ACTA, Repealing the Digital Economy Act, DRM, Encryption etc..

I encourage everyone to rate the relevant ideas highly, as well as submit your own. It is not often where we get a chance like this!

Hak On!!


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Guest Deleted_Account

This is why i am glad i live in Canada. We do truly own the stuff we buy and any mods software or hardware are 100% legal. I wish you luck! Hopefully the UK will to be free to do as they wish with their devices :)

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