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Hey guys,

I've working on this for about 4-5 nights now and figured I'd put my progress up. It still need some work and I have yet to get images or video of this thing online yet. But I've the iso online if you'd like to try.

This is just Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 with backtrack 4F sources. I've installed just wireless pen tools to the distro, I was hoping to get it under 700mb but.... we'll maybe next time.

Anyway I know that the AR5001 and RTL8187 works and is fully supported, others should work as well (all that worked with backtrack, should) though I only have those two to test with.

If your interested you can download it from either my new site or my torrent (torrent should be faster as I'm seeding and using a web seed)



As I said its nowhere near finished but... It looks nice, getting online is easy (as is using the tools) its pretty much straight forward. I'll add lots of documentation next time around.

NOTE: If you decide to try it you must right click on the network icon and disable wireless before using tools like airodump-ng because if the network manager is using the device it will not work. So be sure to uncheck your wireless networking in the manager before using such tools to ensure they work properly.

There is bound to be some bugs but I figured it was worth working on, I only need mine for wireless work and this is faster on my netbook than backtrack 3 or 4 is so I figured it was worth doing and putting up here for anyone else who wants to build upon it or use it. I have remastersys installed on it already so it should be really easy for even new users to add to this and rebuild it.

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Umm Interesting, so how well does it perform on a netbook?

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Quite well I must say, its fast and assuming the wireless card is supported I'd say it runs better than backtrack.

Keep in mind of course that this only includes wireless and network based tools.

Overall I think it runs much faster and if all you need are wireless tools and your running a netbook then its a much better choice than backtrack

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So what tweaks do you still have to do, to make it a final product?

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I'd like to have proper documentation, make it smaller so it'll fit on a cd, confirm and test that all wifi drivers work, and update some files so that the metasploit gui will work for those who need the gui. (command line metasploit works fine)

Thats really all I'm concerned with at the time being.

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Is it possible to make a persistent install? And if, how? :)

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I can't download the iso. The torrent has no seeders.

Also why is it 800+mb? I think you need to uncompress all man pages, remove /usr/share/doc, and most /usr/share/locale subfolders to get under 700mb. I have done this on my archiso-live project. I also don't know what desktop your using so kde could be the reason for the size.

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