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I'm a visual/kinesthetic learner. Show me how to do something and let me try it once and I've got it down pat.

Haha, FF7. I too, remember exactly how to beat the game, breed a gold chocobo, everything. But that's the price I pay for not have a social life for grades 5 - 8. Must have beaten that game over a dozen times.

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Yes, if I see some one do some thing I can visualise how I my self would do it then go and do it either stright away or after a couple of atempts. The main unrealisation of this style of learning is that you do not get the seance of force when visualising it. For example skiying, I have never actualy gone skiying but I have seen it more then enough and I bet I would pick it up very fast, the bit I would strugle with is most likly the change in forces as I corner and so forth, simpley becasue I cannot simulate this feeling in my mind.

I would say that I am at least mentaly tained for any thing, having played far too many games in my life well... "Monkey see, monkey do", should zombies attack, I have no problem with choping heads off. I would imagin that I have trained my self well enough (metaly) in the loading and use of the most commonly seen weapons in games (presuming they are acurate), I bet it would take me a short time to get used to the fireing of these guns (again, I cannot simulate this in my mind).

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I forgot to point out my anti-zombie weapon of choiuce that is widly avalable is either a cricket bat (the British weapon of choice) or failing that a spade (prefrably with a shapened edge), the problem with the shovle is it needs more of a run up to be leathal.


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Gun loading and unloading in games is fairly unrealistic. First of all getting your magazine holder open is not necessarily easy, then you have to get the mag out, then you have to know where the mag release button is and press it, then you slide the new magazine in and whack it on the bottom to seat it. Then you actually have to pull back the hammer all the way to load the first round, then release the hammer to drive it into the chamber. Only after doing all that shit can you actually fire the thing. And even then if you don't know how to actually position it for bone support and muscle relaxation you're unlikely to hit anything unless you're at point blank range, at which time you might as well just use a chainsaw, they're more fun.

EDIT: Oh, and don't forget weapons never jam in games. If you don't know how to deal with jams you'll have a non-firing weapon that you can't fix. If you don't know how to tap-rack-bang or check for jammed rounds you'll be screwed in about 3-4 magazines.

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